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Six Horse Hitch Demo

Ever imaged a Six horse hitch WOWING the crowd at your next event. We have that team of Clydesdale's for you.

One Day Appearance

Six horse hitch arrives prior to event and works out of there trailer to have the horses ready to go at the designated time. 3 hours of set up and about a 15 minute demo.


Multiple Days

Accommodations are to be made by event to house horses and crew. One demonstration each day with guided tours of the horses in the stable area.



Bedding to be supplied by event for horses during the time they are house at the event.


Tent or Stable area

A 20x60 tent is to be made available for horses to be housed under it stables are not available. If stables are available, prior approval of stable are is to be made my General Manage of Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales.


Portable Stalls

Portable stalls are available to be supplies by Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales is stable area is not available. Stalls will be set up prior to arrival and removed after horses depart.


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